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My Bio

Former Royal Navy Special Service Combat Diver, did 15 years. Then Professional Diver and International Diving Instructor, etc. So a total of 44+ years in, on and under the water. Circumnavigated the World in 43 foot boat, almost two years to cover 30.000+ miles and visit 30+ countries in1990/92.

When not Diving I worked as a Long distance HGV Driver (44 ton trucks, lugging Explosives, Toxic Gas and Chemicals). Masters Degree from the University of Life so I've got a good few T-shirts. Had my first 50 bikes in 50 years. Married to Rainbow Annie and now living in Denia, on the Costa Blanca, Southern Spain.

No .. don't miss all the UKs bad points at all .. the total loss of the plot, etc. I do miss Sunday Blasts on the Bike, Trucking (at night) and my giant Workshop Shed! Oh yes.. and my third and last Gen 1 FZS 1000 was built by Mike the Bike GTX (Aka: Falcon 269) right here in Spain image

In early 2009 I moved on up again to a new 2008 Honda CB1300S and EZS High Performance Sidecar Rig .. I'm getting a bit too old for safety on a big solo bike .. not my safety .. the safety of the Spanish locals! image

Stay Safe

My Occupation

Done my bit .. Now I just do Bikes and Breathing

My Hobbies

Long Bike Rides, Warm Sunshine, Cats, Writing my true short story's. Use of PC Spellchecker system and. Helping people if, where and whenever I can image

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